Support Us

Why support us?

Your support will help us to  transform people’s lives by offering the physical and personal benefits of boxing to children, young people and adults from our community and beyond.

This is an exciting but challenging time for our Club. After the Covid pandemic, we need your support to return to offering our 5 day a week training programme, to return to membership growth, and to working towards finding ourselves a long-term home.

We are the oldest open boxing club in Oxford (founded in 1960), and we see the difference our sport and our club make in people’s lives at every training session. Our club is entirely run by volunteers, giving their time, expertise, and passion for the sport to new generations of athletes. The costs of attending our sessions are much lower than those offered by commercially-run clubs and we work hard to ensure that cost is not a barrier to participation. As we grow and develop, we are committed to opening up better and greater access for all, but we need your help to do it.

There are a number of ways you can support us.

Make a donation: A single or regular donation will make such a difference to our work at this exciting but challenging time in the Club’s long history. To do so, please visit our Justgiving page. Click here.

Join our weekly Club Lottery, starting from £1 a week: For more details click here.

Can you become a volunteer or champion for our club?

Giving your time and skills to our club is rewarding for you, and vital for us. You will develop new skills, gain experience and perhaps it can help your employer meet its corporate social responsibility objectives too. But most importantly your time and participation allow our resources to go much further to help children, young people and other club members offer the transformative power of a challenging but hugely rewarding sport, right here in the heart of our community.

If you would like more information, or to talk to somebody about how you can get involved or help in other ways, please email us at:

Thank you.